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Bird Control

Seagulls, Feral Pigeons, and other birds can cause a huge amount of mess as well as damage whilst also creating a substantial health risk and helping to spread diseases. Pesky Bird Solutions use Hawks and Falcons to act as a natural humane deterrent against these birds, triggering a natural fear response in them which will eventually lead them to regard the area as a high risk area and cause them to move to a safer location. Our visits will primarily consist of flying either a Falcon or a Hawk around the location, using different kids of birds and flying them at different times so as not to build up any kind of pattern for the targeted species to get used to. Over time this creates a zone where the targeted birds feel uncomfortable in due to the presence of predators.

We can also offer a fully licensed nest removal service (from accessible locations) which will help to deter the birds from breeding at the location whilst encouraging them to move somewhere else where they will be disturbed less.

Call us to discuss your problems and let us find a bespoke solution designed to fit your needs.

Bird control